About Together

Together is a multi-dimensional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program launched by Arab Bank, which aims to involve everyone and encourage them to be active members in the community. Together is involved with various non-profit organizations that cover different aspects of our community through various initiatives. Providing simple ways for people to participate in their community is a fundamental pillar of the Together program. Together is an opportunity for those who want to contribute to the community.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not new to Arab Bank. We have a history of being active in the community. An example is the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, which supports cultural, scientific and research endeavors. Arab Bank is also active in many initiatives, such as various sponsorships and contributions. Together grew from these roots into a solid stem that symbolizes our commitment to the community. Our collaboration with non-profit organizations has one objective, and that is supporting our community in terms of four main areas: health, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, education and orphan support.

Vision and Mission

To continuously support, participate in and contribute to the advancement and well-being of our community.

Employees Volunteering

Arab Bank employees will be volunteering their time and effort at several non-profit organizations to promote citizenship and community involvement.

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