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  • Bank-EN

Nemeh Sabbagh
Chief Executive Officer

Randa Sadik 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Division heads
  • Mohamed Ghanameh 
    Chief Credit Officer
  • Antonio Mancuso-Marcello
    Head of Treasury
  • Naim Al Hussaini 
    Head of Consumer Banking
  • Walid Al Samhouri
    Jordan Country Head
  • Eric Modave 
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ghassan Tarazi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Basem Al Imam 
    Board Secretary / Head of Legal Affairs
  • Mohammed Masri
    Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking 
  • Fadi Zouein 
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Michael Matossian 
    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Rabab Abbadi
    Head of Human Resources Division
  • Basil Abdel Nabi 
    Head of Information Technology
  • Tareq Haj Hasan
    Head of Branding
  • Mohammad Masri 
    Head of Real Estate & Construction Management
  • Ziyad Shawwa 
    Head of Procurement
  • Ziyad Akrouk
    Head of Group Risk