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Arab Bank’s international network is uniquely positioned to cater to the account management and payment requirements of its corporate clients.

Arab Bank offers safe, fast and remote access to real-time balances and account information, with the ability to manage local and global payables and receivables, liquidity management and reporting requirements rapidly and effectively through its Cash Management online platform – ArabiConnect – which provides a suite of cash management services.

Account Management and Reporting

  • Balance and transaction reporting
  • Intra company account management
  • Management of multiple holding company accounts
  • Retrieval of account statements

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Multiple account liquidity management
  • Sweeps
  • Excess fund management

Payments Solutions

  • Domestic and international single/bulk payments
  • Domestic and international draft cheques
  • Foreign exchange rates services
  • Dividends distributions services

Cheque Services

  • Multiple cheque solutions
  • Multiple currency cheques
  • Bank draft services

Payroll Services

  • A diverse set of payroll solutions and services

Corporate Credit Cards

  • A diverse set of corporate credit card solutions

Collection and Reconciliation

  • Direct debit and multi-collection service
  • Reconciliation
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Swift Services 

The Member Administered Closed User Group Service (MA-CUG) is an independent, separate SWIFT service and communication channel that enables corporations to communicate with their banks through the SWIFT network.

For further information, kindly contact Global Cash Management and Trade Finance at CMTF@arabbank.com.jo

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Arab Bank offers a comprehensive set of integrated trade finance services that are well-equipped to cater for our clients’ trade financing needs and to capture cross-border and domestic trade flows. Our services are enriched by our global network, understanding of local markets and in-depth trade expertise, making us a reliable partner to clients worldwide.

Arab Bank’s unique offering is further complemented by the Bank’s commitment to invest in electronic platforms that offer our clients effective means for in-time processing and rapid management across various trade products. The Trade Finance platform – ArabiConnect – is a powerful way to bank that groups trade finance functions, all in one place.

Import/Export Letters of Credit

  • A complete management solution for import and export letters of credit
  • Create applications and amendments
  • Notifications management

Inward/Outward Letters of Guarantees

  • Issue local and international guarantees in multiple currencies
  • Create applications and amendment requests
  • Receive notifications
  • View information and details of transactions

Inward/Outward Collections

  • Notifications management
  • Instructions to accept, reject and/or settle documents
  • View inward collection details, payment terms and related amendments
  • Collection instructions 

Transactions Management and Reporting

  • Outstanding transaction reporting
  • Viewing draft SWIFT messages

For further information, kindly contact Global Cash Management and Trade Finance at CMTF@arabbank.com.jo

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Arab Bank offers a comprehensive set of integrated trade finance services ...

Arab Bank’s strong global reach provides an interconnected platform constantly evolving to support and meet client requirements.

Global Network
Corporate services are available across Arab Bank global network of more than 600 branches, spanning five continents. Through designated service desks and relationship managers, Arab Bank is committed to service quality of the highest standards, meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations across all branches, locally and internationally.

Corporate Service:
A team of specialized client service representatives are available to assist with corporate inquiries.

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and Corporate Service
Arab Bank’s strong global reach provides an interconnected platform ...